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MyTackle Membership

MyTackle Membership
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Become a Member of will improve your overall fishing experience. Have you ever been heading to the lake and called your buddy to ask “hey, what are they hitting?" He answers, “I went yesterday and killed 'em with a Silver Blue Rapala® Shad Rap #7." Then you get to the lake, launch your boat, head to your favorite spot and begin “THE SEARCH”. You dig through all of your tackle boxes saying to yourself “I know I have that lure somewhere! If I only had a list of my lures and where they're located.” With a membership that is exactly what you will be able to do……locate and identify every lure in your collection. Less time searching and more time casting.

Catalog Your Tackle

With® while visiting your favorite sporting goods retailer you can scan or manually enter the bar code from any lure into your smart phone and quickly determine if you own that lure. With the vast number of lures available today this will help eliminate duplicate purchases and will free up funds to buy more lures or tackle and expand your arsenal.


A LureLabel is a laminated photo of your lure that you can affix inside each slot of your tackle box for quick identification and organization. Most LureLabels® are actual size and contain vital information such as color, size, weight, length, SKU # and description. This will vary per lure.® members will be able to purchase LureLabels® at a reduced price.

Organize Your Tackle

MyTackle.comAfter a long day of fishing and changing lures you end up with a pile of lures that need to be put away in your tackle boxes. With® and LureLabels® you will quickly and easily be able to identify exactly where every lure belongs. Everything in its place and ready for the next trip. You will now be able to identify missing lures as well.

Prevent Loss

There are many ways that® and LureLabels® will help you prevent loss.  From a single lure that you lost on a stump or a loaned to your partner to your entire inventory being lost or stolen,® and LureLabels® will allow you to easily identify any item that is missing. In the event of theft or loss you will be able to provide the police or your insurance company with a complete, itemized list of everything that is missing, complete with a dollar value. This will save you time and money when replacing your tackle and get you back on the water sooner.