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Big Jon Mini Diver Disk

The Big Jon® Mini Diver Discs are a great way to run small flutter spoons, floating minnow baits or crawler rigs down to dept...

Dreamweaver Spin Doctor Chrome Series Flashers

One of the most innovative and productive flashers on the market today. The Dreamweaver Spin Doctor's unique shape and highly...

Luhr Jensen 4/0 Trout and Kokanee Dodger

Use the Luhr Jensen® 4/0 Trout and Kokanee Dodger® with spoons, plugs, flies, and bait. Featuring the same quality components...

Luhr Jensen Beer Can Lake Troll

Unique high-action curved blades of the Luhr Jensen® Beer Can™ Lake Troll spin in opposite directions, to counteract line twi...

Luhr Jensen Bolo Troll

Highly polished blades, uniquely shaped to pump out lots of ''thump.'' The Luhr Jensen® Bolo™ Troll brings in hungry trout fr...

Luhr Jensen Cowbell Troll

Luhr Jensen® Cowbell® Trolls offer maximum attraction. Trouble-free Flex-i-Troll® cable rigging; includes rudder. Maximum...

Luhr Jensen Dave Davis Lake Trolls

Luhr Jensen® Dave Davis® Lake Trolls ahve larger blades with both willow and Colorado styles for great flash at any speed. Ea...

Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver

Troll top to bottom with absolute precision! The original directional diver--takes your lure as deep as you need it to go. Th...

Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver O-Rings

Want to go deeper? Just add an O-Ring! Simply snap on to the Luhr Jensen® Dipsy Diver® O-Ring, to gain approximately 20% more...

Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver Snubbers

Luhr Jensen® Dipsy Diver® Snubbers are recommended for use with all Dipsy Divers. Stretchy surgical tubing acts as a shock ab...

Luhr Jensen Ford Fender Lake Troll

The Luhr Jensen® Ford Fender Lake Troll was born in the 1930s, and was created from the headlight reflector of a Model A Ford...

Luhr Jensen Hot Shot Side Planer

Shorebound? Hot Shot lets you work your lure up to 100' from shore while standing on the river bank! The Luhr Jensen® Hot S...