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4x4 Bass Jigs Duckett Jig

Designed and tested by Boyd Duckett for tournament fishing, the Duckett Jig from 4x4 Bass Jigs is the perfect jig for fish...


4x4 Bass Jigs Randall Tharp Signature Series Flipping Jig

The Randall Tharp Signature Series Flipping Jig from 4x4 Bass Jigs was designed for flipping, pitching, and skipping around h...

Bass Pro Shops Enticer Pro Series Rattling Jig

The Bass Pro Shops® Enticer® Pro Series Rattling Jig rattles, so the fish love it, and it's weedless, so you'll love it in th...

Bass Pro Shops Enticer Swim Jigs

Bass Pro Shops® Enticer Swim Jigs are designed to be the ultimate swim jig. Balanced to swim horizontally at all speeds, the ...

BOOYAH Baby Boo Jig

BOOYAH® Baby Boo Jigs™ are a little more restrained than the bigger Boo Bug, with no rattle. Sporting an ultra-fine 60-strand...

BOOYAH Bankroll Jig

Like a real crawdad making its last stand, the pro-designed BOOYAH® Bankroll Jig™ keeps your trailer's claws raised in the de...


The BOOYAH® Boo Jig™ is the jig that shouts Eat me! to any bass in proximity. Flat bottom with 18° rise, noisy double-barrele...

BOOYAH Finance Jig

Money in the bank! The BOOYAH® Finance Jig™ was designed by the pros to be the one jig they could turn to in any situation. A...

BOOYAH Swim'n Jig

With its flat-bottomed, arrowhead jig head and line tie that's in-line with the XCalibur™ Tx3 point hook, the BOOYAH® Swim'n ...

Buckeye Lures J-Will Flipping Jigs

With its super sharp, extra strong 6/0 Lazer Trokar® hook, Buckeye Lures J-Will Flipping Jig helps you to capitalize on every...

Buckeye Lures J-Will Swim Jig

Elite Series Pro Jason Williamson teamed up with Buckeye to design the Buckeye Lures J-Will Swim Jig. Made with a Lazer Troka...

Buckeye Lures Mini Mop Jigs

Fish thick mop with confidence! Buckeye Lures’ Mini Mop Jigs feature fine living rubber that’s hand-tied to accelerate the fa...