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Bass Pro Shops 16'' Snake Worms

A huge worm for giant bass! This snake-like Bass Pro Shops® 16'' Snake Worm slithers through the water like a living thing, a...

Bass Pro Shops Cut Tail Worms

Bass Pro Shops® Cut Tail Worm offers enticing fluttering action on a straight retrieve and an irresistible erratic movement f...

Bass Pro Shops Dr. Fin-Eke Worm

The Bass Pro Shops® Dr. Fin-Eke Worm has the proven Fin-Eke body shape, nicely downsized for finesse work. Very natural-looki...

Bass Pro Shops Drop Shot Worm

We designed our Bass Pro Shops® Drop Shot Worm with deep water drop shottin' in mind. This enticing split-tail dandy is a dea...

Bass Pro Shops Fin-Eke Worms

Fat, thin, and then fat again! This versatile Bass Pro Shops® Fin-Eke Worm draws even the most finicky bass any way you rig i...

Bass Pro Shops Flicker Worm

Our Bass Pro Shops® Flicker Worm is a finesse style worm that will draw bass any way you rig it—shakey style, dropshot, Texas...

Bass Pro Shops Flick'n Shimmy Worms

Our ultra-soft, heavily-salted 8up™ scented Bass Pro Shops® Flick'n Shimmy Worm is molded with a permanent bend in the middle...

Bass Pro Shops Floatin' Worm

These highly-effective soft plastic Bass Pro Shops® Floatin' Worms stay near the surface and have proven to be irresistible t...

Bass Pro Shops Lead Worm Weights

All of our Bass Pro Shops® Lead Worm Weights have concave bases to fit against the worm's head and a .062'' hole for easy rig...

Bass Pro Shops Magnum Cut Tail Worms

When the bass say, ''Super size it!'' just drop this Bass Pro Shops® Magnum Cut Tail Worm into the buffet and hold on! Hungry...

Bass Pro Shops Magnum Fin-Eke Worms

Now this Bass Pro Shops® Magnum Fin-Eke Worm is a meal! Try it wacky-style, with the flat side down. A chunkier worm with a l...

Bass Pro Shops Ribbontail Worms

From farm ponds to big lakes, the Bass Pro Shops® Ribbontail Worms entice the heavy-hitters to take a whack. Our ribbontail w...