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Zoom Shakey Tail - 6''

Zoom® Shakey Tails make an immediate impact on the water! Small diameter worm designed to make it easy for you to master the ...

Zoom Speed Worm - 5-1/4''

The Zoom® Speed Worm® puts out more vibration in the water attracting fish with its special paddle tail....

Zoom Swamp Crawler - 6''

Load your tackle box with some of the hottest soft plastic baits in the industry. Zoom® baits are preferred by tournament fis...

Zoom Trick Worm - 6-3/4'' Soft Baits

Excellent on a wacky or shaky style rig, the floating Zoom® Trick Worm® is the perfect finesse bait for covering heavy vegeta...

Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm - 5-3/4''

There are plastic baits, and then there are Zoom® baits. The difference is undeniable. Want proof? Just take a peek into your...

Zoom U-Tale Worm - 6''

The U-Tale Worms are another one of Zoom®'s truly-impressive big bass baits. Deadly on virtually any rig and under any condit...

Zoom Z Drop Worms

Know the difference between plastic baits and Zoom® baits? If not, ask your favorite tournament angler. He'll tell you that e...

Zoom Z-3 Original Worm

Back by popular demand: a decades-old favorite, renowned for triggering many a reluctant bass, now in exciting triple laminat...

Zoom Z3 Swamp Crawler

Like the tasty creatures that slither through the ooze, the Zoom® Z3 Swamp Crawler has a smooth, straight profile and layered...

Zoom® Double Ringer - 4''

The Zoom® Double Ringer is the ultimate do-nothing lure, and it has performed flawlessly for anglers over the years. The only...