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Inline Spinners

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Bass Pro Shops Demon Eye Walleye Spinner

Suspended walleyes? No problem! Tie on a snap swivel, attach a Bass Pro Shops® Demon Eye Walleye spinner, and tip it with a h...

Bass Pro Shops Muskie Angler Inline Spinner

Built for extreme speeds, our Bass Pro Shops® Muskie Angler In-Line Spinner rides high in the water and triggers explosive st...

Bass Pro Shops Nitro Spin

Bass Pro Shops®' Nitro Spin is a versatile in-line spinner that works well on a wide variety of fish species. The Nitro Spin ...

Bass Pro Shops Nitro Spin - Bucktail

Our Bass Pro Shops® Nitro Spin with Bucktail is a versatile in-line spinner that works well on a wide variety of fish species...

Bass Pro Shops Nitro Vibe Inline Spinner

The Bass Pro Shops® Nitro Vibe is a versatile multi-species inline spinner. Because the blade is mounted directly on the shaf...

Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series Micro Spin Lures

The Bass Pro Shops® Tournament Series® Micro Spin Lures are incredibly versatile, multi-species in-line spinners available at...

Bass Pro Shops XPS Lazer Eye Micro Spin

Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Lazer Eye™ Micro Spin is one incredible lure! Our 10-step manufacturing process creates an intricate, te...

Blue Fox Classic Glow Vibrax Spinners

Blue Fox®'s Classic Glow Vibrax® Spinners combine the proven attracting qualities of Classic Vibrax spinners with glow in the...

Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinners

These effective Blue Fox® Classic Vibrax® Spinners offer a proven combination of flash and low-frequency vibration that trigg...

Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Fly

The long-casting Blue Fox® Vibrax® Bullet Fly is designed for faster current or deeper water when maximum vibration is requir...

Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin

The tight minnow action of the balsa wood Blue Fox® Vibrax® Minnow Spin® combined with the enticing flash of an in-line spinn...

Blue Fox Vibrax Musky Buck Lure

Muskies attack some bucktail lures with a passion and the Blue Fox® Vibrax® Musky Buck™ is one of those hot baits. There are ...