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Bombshell Turtle Hybrid

A unique, lifelike, soft-plastic lure, the Bombshell Turtle® Hybrid takes advantage of the fact that adult game fish in both ...

Culprit Incredi-Craw

On the drop, the Culprit Incredi-Craw's antennae grab the attention of nearby predators. Upon impact with the bottom, the lur...

Culprit Incredi-Punch

The Culprit Incredi-Punch soft plastic bait is designed for pulling big bass out of matted weeds. We suggest you rig it with ...

Culprit Incredi-Slim

A small profile allows for easy hooksets with the Culprit Incredi-Slim soft plastic bait. The ultimate finesse flipping bait,...

Gamakatsu EWG Worm Hook

Bill Dance uses Gamakatsu hooks exclusively. A long time favorite of serious bass fisherman everywhere, Gamakatsu®'s EWG (E...

Gambler BB Cricket

One of the original small craws, the Gambler® BB Cricket catches big bass under the toughest conditions. The BB Cricket's sma...

Gambler Flappy Daddy Craw Worm

Gambler®'s Flappy Daddy features a solid body that firmly holds a large hook for casting, flipping or pitching. The front of ...

Gambler Mega Daddy

The super-sized version of Gambler®'s Flappy Daddy Craw Worm, the Mega Daddy's large profile and enticing action make it the ...

Gambler Ugly Otter

Comes loaded with salt and garlic flavor, the Gambler® Ugly Otter sports a supple, ridged body equipped with a tapered tail a...

Gary Yamamoto Fat Baby Craw

Flip and pitch Gary Yamamoto's Fat Baby Craw into thick cover for big fish—bass in the grass won't stand a chance! With its f...

Gary Yamamoto Flappin' Hog

Sometimes all it takes is some extreme vibration and big-time flappin' action to make the pigs go berserk! The Gary Yamamoto'...

Gary Yamamoto Kreature

Slightly heavier than a 5-inch Senko, Yamamoto's 4-inch Kreature can be cast weightless for a slow, horizontal descent. Raise...