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Gene Larew 5'' Super Salt Biffle Craws

Pro angler Tommy Biffle believes in the power of salt, and this Gene Larew® 5'' Super Salt Biffle Craw is loaded with it! Rig...

Gene Larew Biffle Bug

The Biffle Bug is another one of Tommy Biffle's creations, and it incorporates several top features from the Gene Larew Biffl...

Gene Larew Rattlin' Crawler

The Gene Larew Rattlin' Crawler boasts a crazy rattling and thumping action—even at the slowest retrieve speeds. Features inc...

Gene Larew Wheeler’s Punch Out Craw

When you need to punch through thick vegetation to knock out the lunkers hiding below, reach for a Gene Larew Wheeler's Punch...

Lake Fork Trophy Lures Baby Fork Creature

Combine a curly tail grub, a ringed worm and a winged worm and you've got Lake Fork Trophy Lures' Baby Fork Creature. Especia...

Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Freak or Baby Hyper Freak

Few fish have seen a creature bait as freakishly hyper active as Lake Fork Tackle's Hyper Freak and Baby Hyper Freak. The gli...

Luck E Strike Drop Dead Craw

The Luck E Strike Drop Dead Craw delivers irresistible crawling crawfish action sure to draw in the lunker of your dreams. Ch...

Luck-E-Strike Fighting Craws

What does a real craw do when threatened? He fights! Up come the pincers…which makes the Luck “E” Strike Fighting Craw the mo...

Missile Baits D Bomb & Baby D Bomb

The D Bomb® from Missile Baits® is a bulky creature bait with a unique ribbed body that displaces a lot of water and has a st...

Missile Baits D Stroyer and Baby D Stroyer

The D Stroyer and Baby D Stroyer from Missile Baits® is a monster creature bait with big appendages with twin tails on the re...

NetBait Baby Paca Craws

Salty and squirmy—just what bass like! NetBait® Baby Paca Craws have a patented claw design along with a hollow body that can...

NetBait Mini Kickin B Softbait

The Kickin B Series from NetBait® was originally designed as a compact punch bait. However, it also excels as a frog worked o...